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Everything that you need to know about dog clubs

Benefits of Joining a Dog club 

Posted by on Jul 30, 2015


There are different kinds of dog clubs whereby some are general while others restrict themselves to a particular breed of dogs. Some clubs are also formed based on the area of interest such as the size and age of the dog, services offered, or even the physical location. These clubs offer a broad range of benefits for pets and their owners alike. They are a helpful resource if you want to learn more about your dog or to keep abreast with changing aspects of dog ownership.

dog-club1While at the club meetings, you are likely to meet people with expertise on dog issues. Here you can exchange information and share training tips about dog handling, training, exercise, grooming, safety, nutrition and health care among other matters. Such knowledge will enable you to look after your dog in an informed manner rather than depending on guesswork. The clubs also help to teach people about responsible dog ownership. Club members can brainstorm for solutions to the problem faced in pet care. Some clubs offer educational seminars and health clinics too.

Belonging to a dog club gives you an opportunity to enlarge your social circle by meeting new friends. You will bond easily with such people since you share a common interest. You will meet dog lovers, some with a passion for the same breed of dog as yours. You will not only spend quality time with your dog, but you also get to do so in an environment where everyone is pet-friendly. This aspect of the clubs can be particularly useful in a case where you have just relocated to a new neighborhood, as it opens up more avenues to know more people.


Dog clubs hold various events with different fun-filled activities for your dog. An example of such activities is agility trial, a competitive but enjoyable sport where a dog handler guides the dog through obstacles such as jumping hurdles. This helps to sharpen your dog’s natural instincts and provide a challenging exercise to keep your dog fit. It further strengthens the bond between you and your pet. Other dog activities offered by the clubs include companion dog shows, obedience, tracking, flyball, and companion dog shows. Some clubs have magazines in which dog accomplishments in such activities are published.

cruft-dogs_1005454cJoining a dog club enable your dog to meet other dogs and learn socialization skills so that it can attain basic standards of behavior. The clubs are also a social platform for you to expose your dog to different settings and people. Well-socialized dogs are well mannered, have more acceptance, and they interact better with the world around them including other dogs in the neighborhood. Socializing your dog especially at an early age reduces the likelihood of it developing annoying behavioral problems such as incessant barking.

In conclusion, joining a dog club is a wonderful experience that adds to the joy of owning a dog. Sometimes it may come with added responsibilities since you have to attend meetings, volunteer in sponsored events, contribute to discussions and follow Club rules. Regardless of that, the benefits have more weight, and the sacrifice you make is a good way of rewarding your dear loyal pet.

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